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We are not merely producing color contact lenses
but are rather involved in designing human eyes from the perspective of beauty.
'Defining Fashion to the Eyes of the world' has been our ultimate goal since our company was incorporated. In pursuit of this goal, we have followed and will follow the road to make research of eyes of beautiful women in the world and help them express genuine beauty of their eyes. 

As we fully agree to the poets who recite that 'Eyes are Expression of One's Mind', we won‘t cease our research to develop such lenses that do not look like artificial but are friendly to our body and can thus make our sentiment shared with others through them.

Be assured that GEO Medical R & D Center is equipped with full range of high-tech equipment and system that enable to develop materials, design contact lenses and realize their solutions, and that its whole staff members are exclusively engaged in manufacturing the products that will keep your eyes healthy, safe and beautiful in addition to fashionableness thanks to its excellent manpower and up-to-date infrastructure.

Our Research and Development Team has devoted its whole time and energy to creating unique methodologies and solutions to assist contemporary people to present their images in great variety of ways by statistically patternizing and systematically analyzing the looks of people in certain categories, which will serve as basis for development of our contact lenses.